Guide to Instaheaven

Setting up Your Instaheaven

Instaheaven is software that automatically follows and unfollows users in your set target market. It also includes an auto comment and like function. All the other settings are filters used to find the highest qualility users for you account to interact with. 

  1. Set Up Your Hashtags
  2. Setup Auto Follow/Unfollow Cycle
  3. Set Up Your Comments
  4. Set Up Your Min and Max Follows
  5. Set Up Your Speeds
  6. Set Up Who You Unfollow

Hashtags Guide

Pick your comment target market by hashtag

  1. What hashtags are in your target market?
    • Fitness could use: fitness, yoga, running, weightlifting, cycling, swimming, baseball, basketball, etc.
    • Make the hashtags for what markets you want to target not necessarily what you are... 
      • For example: I'm a male fitness model. I want my target market to be female fitness models. I would target more women based sports such as volleyball, crossfitgirls, girlswholift, yoga, etc. 
      • Be creative. Look on instagram at hashtags that you use and see if you would like to comment on these photos. 
  2. Add the hashtags to the hashtag menu.                      
    • Click Text Box
    • Add Hashtag without "#"
    • Click Add
  3. Add at least 5-10 Hashtags

Comments Guide

Comments are the quickest way to gain followers! They must be used correctly so please read the guide below

  1. Come up with at minimum 15 comments that can apply to use about any photo.
    • Always include @username in your comment box. "@username" tells our system to mention the name of the user wgo posted the photo
    • Examples of simple comments:
      • "@username Nice Photo!"
      • "@username Sweet Profile!"
      • "@username Like your page"
      • "@username Very nice profile"
      • "@username Very cool page"
      • "@username Like it!"
      • "@username Like this"
      • "@username Hey this is nice!"

  • Examples of advanced comments:
    • "@username Nice Photo! Are all these yours?"
    • "@username Sweet Profile! How long have you been on insta?"
    • "@username Like your page. Keep up the good work!"
    • "@username Very nice profile. Hope to see more soon"
    • "@username Very cool page. Where you from? "
    • "@username Like it! Keep it up"
  1. Learn what "Spintax to create 100's of Unique Comments in Minutes
    • A Spintax is a way to spun text to make multiple comments with a little amount of words. Here is how it works....
      1. Brackets will Seperate the possibilities {Hi} {nice page}. Will turning into: "Hi nice page"
      2. Straight Line Symbol "|" will vary the possibilities. {Hi|Hello} {Nice page|cool profile} will create 4 possibilies
        • "Hi nice page"
        • "Hi cool profile"
        • "Hello nice page"
        • "Hello cool profile"
  2. Examples of Comments with Spintax
    • {@username} {Nice|Cool|Sweet|Very cool} {profile|ig|insta|page|feed|post}
      • @username Nice Profile
      • @username Nice ig
      • @username Nice insta
      • @username Cool page
      • @username Cool feed
      • etc...
    • {Hey|Hello|Hi|Heyy} {@username}. {This is|These are|These post are|This page is|Your page is} {awesome|sweet|cool|nice|very nice|great}
      • Hey @username. This is awesome
      • Hello @username. These are sweet
      • Hi @username. These post are nice
      • Heyy @username. This page is great
      • etc...

Min and Max Follows Filter

The Way to Make Sure You Get High Qualility Followers. In this feature you can pick to only to follow people that only follow more than X amount of people and less than X amount of people

  1. Go to "Min Follow" Setting
  2. Go to "Max Follow" Setting
  3. How many people will the users you want to target follow? We like to set it "min follow" at 100-300 people and "max follow" at 1200-3000. Because if they follow a very little amount of people they probably won't follow you back either. If they follow too many people they will probably follow you back but won't keep seeing your photos on your feed.
  4. Enter these numbers in to the text box.


  1. Go to speed section
  2. Decide what speed you want
    • Fast will make your account move very quickly. Safely below instagrams limits but we suggest not todo much commenting when you set it to fast
    • Normal is a average speed. You will notice progress but won't move to quickly
    • Slow is a for gradual progress. It works and it's a bad way to start out with our service to test it out.


  1. Unfollow Source
    • Instaheaven We suggest this setting. Only unfollow people that instaheaven has followed
    • All This setting will unfollow all people that you are following except if you have the next setting on called "unfollow users who don't follow me".
  2. Unfollow Who Don't Follow Me
    • If clicked it will unfollow automatically the people who don't follow you back. This is a very useful setting